We Want Your Business To Grow…Our Business Depends On It!

MMT Advertising, operates with a single focus: help businesses grow by increasing their exposure online. Dedicated exclusively to online advertising, our expertise includes search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising, and social media optimization (SMO).

Now, it’s no secret that there are countless companies offering services related to online advertising, so is there really anything that makes us different? After all, many companies claim they’re the best and that they work the hardest.

Hiring an internet marketing company isn’t just a big financial investment, its also a decision that will have significant implications, for better or worse, on how your website drives business from the internet. Hiring the right internet marketing company is essential. Here are 6 truths that set us apart:

We Obey Search Engine Guidelines

Some companies employ various tactics that go against search guidelines known as “black hat” tactics. These are tactics which, in the short-term may produce an increase in your site’s ranking, but, in the long-term could very well result in your site getting penalized and potentially blacklisted by Google and other search engines. Black hat tactics require much less upfront work which is why some companies choose to utilize them. The right way is the only way for us, and you should expect nothing less.

We Are Certified

Some companies boast about their credentials, but what really matters is how experienced the staff is that will be hand’s on with your campaign.  All MMT staff who handle SEO or Google Adwords, must be SEO certified by expertrating.com, and Google Adwords certified by Google directly.

No Contracts

Unless our clients prefer contracts, we don’t do them. This forces us to earn your business every single month!

All Workers are US Based

Most of our work is done by our in-house staff, but occasionally we do work with outside contractors. In these instances, we only contract with qualified, US-based professionals. No overseas outsourcing – ever!

We Only Work With Businesses We Feel We Can Help

There is no shortage of companies that will gladly take your money. We prefer to initially consult with companies considering our services to see if we are even a good fit. Some businesses are more likely to succeed online than others. Through a complimentary consultation, we can help determine if our services will be of benefit to your company.

Some Of Our Happy Clients